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Top Spas – How Many Jets Does A Top Quality Spa Tub Have?

When buying spas, there are many aspects that need to be considered; however, one of the main aspects you need to evaluate is the jetting system. Contrary to popular belief, this involves more than simply counting the number of jets that are present. Read on to discover more about the best jetting systems you will find in the top spas.

The first thing to stress is that it is not a case of the more jets, the better. This is a common misconception that a lot of people seem to hold. Spas have progressed to the point where there are many different types of jets that are available, and it is the type of jet you opt for that really matters. If you stumble across a retailer or manufacturer that claims the greater number of jets equates to a better hot tub, then you should be sceptical. Instead, what you should be taking into account is the orientation of the jet, their quality, and, of course, their type. The position of the jets is very important, as they need to be placed for efficiency, comfort and hydrotherapy action. Some of the best hot tubs will give you the ability to turn the jets off or they will have one seat without any jets, which is for those who simply want to have a soak without the massage. So, rather than counting the jets, instead discover what type of experience each provides and if they have the ability to be controlled. You also need to carefully assess their positioning.

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