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Swim Spa – An Introduction

A swim spa is almost like a compact swimming pool. It gives you all of the benefits of a swimming pool; however, you don’t require the large amount of space or the huge budget for the latter. Instead, with this type of spa, you simply swim against a current to get a good workout. A lot of swim spas also come with hot tubs combined – these are known as split-units, and thus you get the best of both worlds. Having said that, now read on for some details of the benefits you can expect to gain by investing in this type of spa.

The Benefits Of Swim Spa Hot Tubs

The advantages associated with swim spa pools are extensive; you get all of the benefits of swimming pools and hot tubs wrapped up in one. Firstly, they provide you with a great way of exercising, and you are able to vary your routine, including swimming, resistance training, and aquatic exercises. A lot of people prefer this to swimming in a pool because they are never going to hit the wall and they can adjust the current to suit them, giving them a better workout. The compact design of the swim spa is another key benefit. This means that they can be incorporated into your home with ease; whereas the same certainly cannot be said for a swimming pool. You will also benefit from hydro-therapy, as the jets will offer a massage if you want to relax or recover after your workout. A session in the hot tub can help you to recover from injury while relieving muscle pain, which is extremely beneficial for anyone who has just been working out. The jetting system is also advantageous for promoting a better night’s sleep, de-stressing, improving blood circulation, and even speeding up weight loss. If that was not enough, when you compare swim spa prices with the cost of running and building a swimming pool, you see the real difference. You can save yourself about £10,000 at the very minimum. Swim spas are also a lot easier to maintain too, contrary to popular belief.

The Incredible Michael Phelps Swim Spa Range

There is a vast assortment of swim spas for you to choose from on the market, but if you take your time to read swim spa reviews, you will see that the Michael Phelps swim spa range has an incredible reputation. It probably comes of no surprise; after all, Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete in history, boasting 22 medals. He is arguably the most famous swimmer in the world, and, therefore, you would certainly expect his range of swim spas to impress. His range of swimming spas is diverse; with many different types to choose from, catering to various forms of exercise and different skill levels. However, one thing that all of his swim spas have in common is the fact that they are propeller driven. What does this mean? A propeller drive swim spa is one that operates via a propeller, which is located at the front of the swim spa. This is connected to a speed motor, one that is energy efficient, and it drives water through the grate to create the current. The current produced can easily be adjusted to your own taste and requirements. Nevertheless, it is smooth and it is deeper and stronger than the other systems. These types of hot tubs are perfectly suited to all types of swimming stroke, be it butterfly or front crawl. This is why they are highly recommended for serious swimmers. So, where can you find the Michael Phelps swim spas? You don’t have to look far, as we have the full range for you to choose from at Aqualine Hot Tubs – the leading wellness supplier in the United Kingdom.

Find Your Swim Spa At Aqualine Hot Tubs

You are sure to find the perfect swim spa for you at Aqualine Hot Tubs. Not only do we sell the Michael Phelps range, but we have spas available from other top brands, such as Master Spas, and we have an excellent assortment of hot tubs for sale too. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice. We have designed our website,, so that it is really easy to use. You should have no trouble browsing through products or following the straightforward checkout process. Likewise, though, we do have experts on hand should you need them; simply call us on 01484 937 337.