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Swim Spa Hot Tub – Exercising In Your Swim Spa

A swim spa hot tub is an investment well worth making. Needless to say, the hot tubs part is ideal for relaxing and recovering after your workout. But, what about the swim spa? What exercises can you do? Well the obvious choice is, of course, swimming, but variety is important to make sure you don’t get bored of your workout. Read on for some great suggestions.

Instead of swimming, another option is to do running and walking exercises. Simply running in the pool with the current going against you is a great workout. Moreover, to boost your workout, why not use foam buoyancy belts? These are ideal because they help to ensure you are maintaining the correct posture while also supporting the lower back and toning abdominal muscles. You may even want to add ankle weights to the mix to increase resistance for a better performance. These will help you to achieve toned calves and thighs. There is also an array of different strength exercises you can do in the pool. One creative suggestion is to attach resistance bands to rowing bars so that you can perform a rowing action, strengthening your hands and toning your arms – an area that is notoriously difficult to lose weight from. Kickboards are also great for resistance training or why not invest in some water weights? Finally, aqua gloves are good if you want to add intensity to your upper body movements; not only do they enhance the workout but they will regularise arm movements inside the water for better control and grip over physical movements.

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