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Whereas competitors continue to work with long networks of pipes, Villeroy & Boch employ the very latest hot tub technology. Their JetPak™ solution disposes with pipes altogether. An innovation that is second to none!

Individual JetPak™ therapy

Every JetPak™ II is designed to enable you to enjoy a unique massage experience. The 16 different JetPaks™ can be easily exchanged via a simple click-button system. This means you can easily enjoy your favourite massage wherever you prefer to sit!

Tremendous variety of jets

Villeroy & Boch hot tubs offer a huge variety of different jets to cater for very special massage needs. No other hot tub offers such a wide range of possibilities.

Individually adjustable

Every JetPak™ can be individually adjusted. This means that, even if several people are using the hot tub at the same time, everyone can enjoy and individually control their own massage experience.

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