Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

How much does it cost to run a hot tub?

This depends on your energy tariff, the size of the tub you have installed and other variables such as the climate. On average we say you should budget 60-90p a day for running costs.

How long does it take to heat a hot tub?

This depends on the heaters installed but on average a larger model will take around 12 hours to reach bathing temperature. This figure is only an estimate, with better insulated hot tubs and smaller sizes heating in less time.

How often does a hot tub need draining?

>We would recommend that you drain your hot tub once every 3-4 months. This is only a guide and depends on things such as bather load and the size of the hot tub. There may be occasions when the water needs to be changed more frequently such as in the summer months.

How much do the cleaning chemicals cost?

Chemicals for cleaning a hot tub will cost around £5 per month. It's possible to bulk purchase these to make savings. Alternatively you can pay for a maintenance contract and someone can maintain the hot tub for you.

Installation Questions

What electrical supply is required?

This is dependent on the model chosen. Some models run from a standard 13amp supply with larger models requiring a 30amp supply. The power requirements will be listed in the manufacturers details.

How do you fill a hot tub?

Simply use a garden hose to fill the hot tub. To drain a hot tub you need to connect a hose to the drain valve.

Will the hot tub fit through a door way?

Some smaller hot tubs will fit through a door way, you can check the specifications of the hot tub online. It make be necessary to ask if you can access your own garden via a neighbours.

What if I don't have external access to my garden?

Depending on the distance it may be possible to simply remove fencing panels to carry the hot tub into the garden, in other cases a crane may be needed. This can cost anywhere from £200-800. This will be discussed before or after your order is placed.

Can a hot tub be installed inside?

Yes. You will need to ensure the floor can handle the weight of a filled hot tub.

Can I use the hot tub straight away?

You must wait 12 hours after first applying cleaning chemicals before you can use the hot tub. This time will be used to heat the water as well.

Maintenance Questions

Do I need to clean the hot tub?

You add cleaning chemicals to the water to prevent any bacterial build up. Filters built in help to clear the water of debris; these can also be removed and cleaned manually.

What type of maintenance is required?

Water condition needs to be checked weekly with chemicals added appropriately when needed; this should take no more than 20 minutes. We recommend cleaning the hot tub every month and completing a water change every 3 to 4 months.

How are chemicals added to the hot tub?

They are simply sprinkled into the water after testing if needed.

How long will the filter last?

This depends on the usage level and how often it is maintained. Filters normally last around 12 months before they need replacing. Regular filter maintenance will extend the lifespan.