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Spas Hot Tubs – Hot Tub Maintenance

There is an awful lot that needs to be considered when buying spas hot tubs, including everything from efficiency to size. However, one factor that a lot of people overlook is the maintenance of the hot tub. This is something you need to bear in mind before you make your purchase. Read on to discover everything you need to know.

If you talk to a considerable number of hot tub owners, you can bet your bottom dollar that one of the things they moan about is the amount of maintenance that is required to upkeep their unit. This shouldn’t put you off your purchase; it simply indicates that maintenance is something most people overlook during the buying process. Be realistic from the outset and it need not be such a chore. Firstly, you must be careful about the amount of chemicals that are required. A greater number of chemicals is not always the best approach, although some companies will try and convince you that this is the case in order to tempt you into buying more. Aside from this, filtration is important when buying hot tubs. The filters are there to cleanse the hot tub of hair sprays, lotions, body oils and such like. In some instances, this can pose a little bit of trouble when it comes to cleaning the hot tub. One approach is to stay away from suction side filters in favour of pressurised filters. It’s worth noting that the best hot tubs and spas will have filters at the bottom of the hot tub and at the top, at the level of the water. Finally, when it comes to drainage, it’s not a case of emptying your tub as often as possible. Most manufacturers recommend draining your hot tub no more than once every three months.

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