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Spas For Sale – Getting The Right Size

If you are looking for top quality spas for sale, you need to approach the shopping process with a lot of care and consideration. The last thing you want to do is spend your money on something that is not right for you. One of the common mistakes people make is investing in a hot tubs that is not the correct size. Read on to find out more.

There are a number of important points that need to be assessed when determining the right sized spas to consider. Firstly, the most obvious factor to take into account is the number of people that are likely to use the hot tub on a frequent basis. There is no point in investing in a huge hot tub unless you have a big family or you are someone who entertains on a regular basis. Don’t buy a large hot tub on the off-chance that you may have a party at some point! It is a lot of money to spend for one potential occasion. Aside from this, one of the factors that is often overlooked is height. You need to ensure the spa is the right size for your height. If you are tall and you choose a hot tub that is shallow, your knees will be pointed upwards while you are sitting, and this is no way to relax. Therefore, if you or your partner is 6 ft. or over, you should be looking for a tub that is at least 880 mm deep. Last but not least, access to your property is the final thing to be considered. Is the hot tub going to fit through your doorways?

At Aqualine Hot Tubs, we have a great selection of spas for sale, including acrylic hot tubs, swim spas, and much more. To see the options we have available, simply head to If you need help choosing the ideal spa for you, our team is ready and waiting on 01484 937 337.