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Hot Tub Cheap – How To Look After Yours

It is all well and good finding a hot tub cheap, but if you don’t look after it, you will end up wasting a lot of money. Many people assume that hot tubs are challenging to look after. This is not the case; you simply need to know what to do and how often. So, continue reading to find out everything you need to know before you purchase a cheap hot tub.

As mentioned, a hot tub does not need as much maintenance as you may believe, however, it does require a little bit of work to keep it in pristine condition. One thing you will need to do is add chlorine to the water, just as you would with any type of pool. This has the purpose of stopping bacteria from growing in the water. You can find quick dissolving chlorine granules, which are ideal for hot tubs. However, don’t simply sprinkle the chlorine in with little consideration. You need to ensure you get the balance right. Thus, once the chlorine has dissolved, you should check the pH. You can find testing kits for this. You need the water to be neutral, i.e. around 7. You should also change the water regularly, around every few months, as well as the filter. Water flow can be constricted if the filter becomes clogged, and this will eventually cause the motor to become damaged. Finally, you should opt for a spa that has an ozone generation system, as this will reduce (although not eliminate) the need for chemicals and will help to kill bacteria.

All in all, you should now have all of the information you need to look after your hot tub. But first, you need to find a hot tub cheap, and you don’t have to look far, as this is what Aqualine Hot Tubs specialises in. We have an outstanding reputation in the industry and a wide assortment of hot tubs for you to choose from. Head to to find the perfect hot tub for you.